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McIntosh Global is a highly specialized consulting and legal firm that deals exclusively with the business and legal aspects of international business transactions and domestic and international intellectual property strategy, protection and enforcement. Through many years of U.S. and international legal practice, McIntosh has developed a close association with international attorneys throughout the world. McIntosh and his team will provide the quality and experience your matter requires for very reasonable fees and costs. McIntosh will evaluate your objectives and requirements, assemble a team to fit your needs, and personally see your matter through to conclusion.

Our Services

Having worked with a diverse clientele and developed relationships with firms in more than 40 countries, McIntosh is highly familiar with the international business landscape and the implications of various transactions conducted on a global scale. As a consulting and management practice that focuses on technology development, protection, and commercialization, McIntosh integrates traditional services for intellectual property law and international business transactions to ensure that you achieve your objectives efficiently and cost effectively.

A firm that also places tremendous emphasis on developing customized solutions and strategies, McIntosh takes a straightforward business approach defined by close working relationships and personal service. With more than 40 years of experience that spans a wide spectrum of legal areas, McIntosh is able to provide sound counsel and representation in the matter at hand.

Our firm's primary criteria when taking on cases is to ensure that we are confident in being able to accomplish our clients' unique goals. We work with potential clients to fully understand what the company intends to accomplish, and, if within reach, we then establish a plan, a team, a timeframe, and a budget that will foreseeably meet their objectives. Our mission is to ensure that our clients obtain the results they require and that they have the foundation needed for future growth and durability. Having skillfully handled a wide range of cases for many clients throughout the world, our firm's record of success and positive testimonials speak volumes about our ability to meet the unique and demanding needs of the professionals and companies we serve.

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Highly knowledgeable in our narrow areas of expertise, deeply experienced and connected, and intent on resolving clients' matters with the highest degree of integrity, success and efficiency, McIntosh is a firm that continually exceeds expectations. If you need top-tier serviceand results in international transactions and/or intellectual property law and strategy, please consider McIntosh. We encourage prospective clients to reach out to our firm to learn more about our services and to discuss the ways in which we can be assistance with your particular matter. Contact McIntosh Global today.