Business Approach

International Transactions & Intellectual Property Law

At McIntosh Global, our methods are simple and direct. We work with you to understand your business and legal objectives for your particular transactions and then work together to devise a plan to accomplish these objectives. Our services, strategies, and solutions are always customized specifically to the unique needs and situations of those we serve. Our tailored methodology has helped many companies of various sizes in different industries fulfill their legal needs as well as their patent and trademark concerns.

In addition to establishing goals and crafting individualized plans, we also establish a target team with whom we work directly to meet your specific objectives with the highest level of precision and success possible. Our team consists of lawyers, and if necessary, we can enlist services of our associated accountants and tax advisors in the country in which your project is taking place. Once our team and process is clearly defined, we work in that country to both negotiate and directly oversee the drafting of the necessary agreements to your satisfaction. By building our team on an international network of skilled attorneys and professionals, we remain extremely flexible in our ability to respond quickly to clients' needs and provide our services on a consulting or project-management basis.

Our process is targeted, highly efficient, and extremely cost conscious. It is an approach that we have used to consistently deliver our clients the results they require. If you would like to learn more about our business approach, or if you wish to discuss your particular legal needs with a member of our firm, then please contact McIntosh Global today.