McIntosh Global Overview

Building on a Legacy of Success in International Transactions & IP Law

McIntosh Global is comprised of Attorney Michael D. McIntosh and his business and legal staff. Throughout his 40 years of practice, McIntosh has developed professional relationships in more than 50 countries that he relies upon to help accommodate the specific requirements of clients in various parts of the world. In turn, these firms and legal professionals respond immediately to his requests and work closely with him to provide clients with quality representation. McIntosh has devised, negotiated, and concluded agreements throughout the world. McIntosh's approach is simple; if he assumes your representation, he personally handles and resolves your matter on terms that are favorable to you and your objectives. McIntosh provides these services drawing from more experience — and yielding greater results — than many major law firms around the world, yet can do so at far more reasonable rates.

Broad Range of Highly Specific Expertise

McIntosh Global has deep and extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Energy: including oil, gas, refining, modification and conversion,
  • Alternative Energy: including solar, wind, alternative fuels and other innovative energy forms
  • Materials: including composites, biodegradables; metals, metal and metallurgical processing
  • Chemicals: Organic and inorganic chemical compounds and applications
  • Ceramics: Ceramics and new materials derived from such
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Environmental: Including environmental solutions, clean fuels and related applications
  • Natural resources

Helping Large and Small Technology-Based Companies

McIntosh Global can work with you on large-scale, long-term endeavors or on a single project. Our firm's primary criteria are that we fully understand and agree with your objectives and that we are confident that we are the right firm to assist you in meeting your goals. As a consulting, management, and legal firm that deals exclusively with the business and legal aspects of technology development, protection, and commercialization; our firm combines traditional legal services with consulting and advisory services to assist you in establishing, executing and maintaining a business strategy to optimize your vision. McIntosh Global integrates the technical, legal and business skills to provide companies with practical solutions to highly technical intellectual property and contract issues and opportunities.

McIntosh Global's unique methodology has helped many large and small companies throughout the world. We can provide you with the management benefits of experienced and skilled patent counsel, technology-based transactions counsel, and technology business advisors. We are available to work with your current legal advisors to provide our specialized skills on a project and consulting basis. If you would like more information about McIntosh Global, the services we provide, and how we may be of assistance, then please contact our firm today.