International Business Transactions

Experienced Strategists Delivering Efficient & Effective Services

As business and commerce becomes increasingly globalized, companies are required to comply with numerous, complex laws and regulations when conducting international transactions. As transactions performed on an international scale entail tax, financial, and business elements from more than one country, they create many concerns and difficulties for the parties involved. At McIntosh, our legal team provides highly accomplished counseling and management legal services to clients in various industries throughout the world. By narrowing our areas of practice to international business and intellectual property law — and by tapping into our extensive resources, experience, and professional connections — our firm is able to consistently satisfy our clients and deliver the results they require.

Equipped with more than 40 years of experience and tremendous insight into the international business law field, Attorney Michael D. McIntosh directs all matters that the firm takes on and works closely with expert counsel in the country in which your business venture is taking place. When necessary, we also work with accountants and tax advisors in your country to enhance our services and provide comprehensive assistance. Our approach is simple, straightforward, and is defined by a client-centric philosophy that aims to achieve your unique objectives efficiently and cost effectively.

By tailoring our strategies and services specifically to the needs and goals of our clients, McIntosh is able to secure successful resolutions that promote growth and provide the foundation needed to achieve future success and durability. Our clients have included many different professionals and companies from various cities throughout the world, which speaks volumes about our creativity, legal dexterity, and our legal capabilities. Additionally, our firm also provides technology-based transactions counsel; technology business advisors; assistance with mergers and acquisitions; and can serve on a consulting and project-management basis, which aids clients in avoiding the drawbacks and expenses associated with employing in-house legal staff.

Trust in Proven Results

McIntosh has achieved a proven track record in facilitating international business transactions, delivering results, and advising clients in how to maximize profitability. We encourage prospective clients interested in learning more about our firm's services to reach out to our legal team to discuss how we can be of assistance with particular matters. Trust in a firm that has continually delivered advantageous results. Contact McIntosh today.