McIntosh Global Testimonials

Joe Coors, Jr.

Former Chairman, CEO and President, CoorsTek -

Michael D. McIntosh has the experience and personal skills and ability to handle a broad range of international business transactions. He is also a very talented international intellectual property strategist. When I was President of CoorsTek, the world's leading manufacturer of industrial ceramics, we conducted a national search for a new patent attorney. We selected McIntosh. He performed well for our company throughout my tenure. Before long most of the other Adolph Coors companies retained him and his firm as well. He is an intelligent attorney with a strong business background and solid people skills. He personally handled international technology transactions and intellectual property for us throughout many countries of the world. Furthermore, he became and remains a close personal friend.

Benton Wilcoxon

Former CEO, Ashurst Technology Corporation -

We paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to big name patent firms and had little to show for it. Once we retained McIntosh, we began to appreciate the value of a well-conceived intellectual property and international business strategy. McIntosh worked with us to devise our strategies, manage and negotiate our licensing and business issues and agreements, and manage our intellectual property litigation. McIntosh has a strong background in law, engineering, business and intellectual property. He also, quite frankly, is one of the most exceptional negotiators I have ever encountered. He fully understands all important facets of patents and intellectual property plus technology based businesses – a unique blend of skills and background. He has demonstrated his skills in most every commercially significant country of the world.

Jason Huang

CTO, CTC Global Corporation -

Michael D. McIntosh is international business and intellectual property counsel to CTC Global Corporation. McIntosh recently worked with us to devise, negotiate, draft and conclude a complex joint venture in China based on our patented electrical transmission conductor technology. McIntosh worked with our team to devise the strategy and legal approach to the joint venture, selected co-counsel in Shanghai, worked through Chinese corporate and tax issues, and directly negotiated and drafted the contract documents in China. I was impressed with the style and skill that McIntosh deployed negotiating directly with the Chinese delegation and completing this complex transaction.